Lunchtime talk – Language technology applications: Spelling and grammar correction for Icelandic

Hulda Óladóttir

The Language and Voice Lab and CADIA present a lunchtime talk by Hulda Óladóttir on language technology applications with a special focus on spelling and grammar correction for Icelandic.

Time: Monday Jan. 10th from 12:20-13:00
Location: Zoom

Various language technology tools and resources can be used as building blocks in specific applications, such as spelling and grammar error correction (SEC, GEC). Miðeind has developed GreynirCorrect, a spelling and grammar checker, within the Icelandic language technology programme.

The problem scope is discussed, such as what the task involves and general and language-specific issues. An overview is given of the various language technology support tools constituting the underlying tool stack, along with the most substantial language resources used. Finally, other possible applications are detailed.

Hulda has a Master’s degree in language technology and works at Miðeind. The main focus of her work is language technology support tools, spelling and grammar error correction, and applications.

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