davName: Alexander Danielsson Moses
Project: Environment for building text-to-speech synthesis for Icelandic
Publications: “Milligram mass metrology using an electrostatic force balance”, “Particle Swarm Optimization for Sizing Hybrid Power Systems Incorporating Demand Response”

Alexander is a cryptocurrency, ultimate frisbee, whiskey, machine learning, power systems and market speculation enthusiast. His contribution to the LVL group is in text-to-speech synthesis and he’s fired up about it.

hrafn_scaledName: Hrafn Loftsson
Project: Natural Language Processing

Hrafn Loftsson completed his B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Iceland in 1989 and his M.Sc. in Computer Science and Operations Research from Pennsylvania State University, USA, in 1992. Hrafn joined Reykjavik University in 2000 after having spent about 8 years working for trading firms and investments banks in the USA, England and Iceland. In 2007, Hrafn completed his Ph.D. in Computer Science (NLP) from the University of Sheffield, England.

Hrafn’s current research focuses primarily on the development of a Basic Language Resource Kit (BLARK) for the Icelandic language – including modules to perform morphological analysis, part-of-speech tagging, parsing, machine translation, and computer-assisted language learning.


Name: Eydís Huld Magnúsdóttir
Projects: Voice patterns in air-traffic control
Publications: “Cardiovascular monitoring of cognitive workload: Comparing high and low cognitive capacity individuals,” “Cognitive workload classification using cardiovascular measures and dynamic features,” “Monitoring Cognitive Workload Using Vocal Tract and Voice Source Features,” Vocal tract and voice source features for monitoring cognitive workload

Eydís is the Phd student of the team and an enthusiastic soccer mom. Her interests are yoga, reading and all kinds of brain teasers and games.


Name: Anna Björk Nikulásdóttir
Projects: Open ASR for Icelandic, Environment for building text-to-speech synthesis for Icelandic
Publications: “Building an ASR corpus using Althingi’s Parliamentary Speeches”, “Building ASR corpora using Eyra”, “Open ASR for Icelandic: Resources and a Baseline System” (LREC2018). One of the authors of “Máltækni fyrir íslensku 2018-2022” (“Language Technology for Icelandic 2018-2022”)

Computational linguist and a french horn player. Before joining LVL her main area of work was in the field of automatic semantic analysis and semantic networks, as well as software development. At LVL Anna works on ASR and TTS for Icelandic. She is enthusiastic about the development of language technology in Iceland and is a board member of “Almannarómur”, a foundation dedicated to Icelandic language technology.


Name: Róbert Kjaran
Projects: Eyra – speech data acquisition, Voice-controlled Information Delivery

An electrical and computer engineer by training and software developer by trade. Currently working on the application of automatic speech recognition and natural language processing for Icelandic to real world problems. Chief executive officer of Læknarómur, a startup company that aims to provide ASR and NLP solutions for the health care industry.


Name: Michal Borský
Projects: Objective assessment of voice quality
Publications: “Modal and nonmodal voice quality classification using acoustic and electroglottographic features,” “Classification of voice modes using neck-surface accelerometer data,” “Classification of Voice Modality using Electroglottogram Waveforms,” “Dithering Techniques in Automatic Recognition of Speech Corrupted by MP3 Compression: Analysis, Solutions and Experiments, ” “Spectrally Selective Dithering for Distorted Speech Recognition.”

Mr. Borský is a post doctoral researcher working on algorithms and models for voice quality assessment for diagnosis and treatment of voice disorders. His scientific interests include DSP, acoustic modeling, distorted speech processing, audio coding and phonetics. His hobbies are reading books, cycling, hiking, power lifting, and eating good food.


Name: Inga Rún Helgadóttir
Projects: ASR for Parliamentary Speeches
Publications: “Building an ASR corpus using Althingi’s Parliamentary Speeches”

Inga’s background is in physics, but she’s been working on the Alþingi project since 2016, and loving it. In her free time she likes hanging out with friends, travelling, playing board games and card games, reading, watching good TV series and dancing.


Name: Judy Fong
Project: ASR for Parliamentary Speeches, LVL Webmaster

Judy likes programming and reading fiction. When she’s not working, she likes to play with raspberry pis and other hobby projects.


Name: Jón Guðnason
Projects: advisor for all projects
Phone number: +354 599 6200

Jon Gudnason received his M.Sc. degree from the University of Iceland and a Ph.D. degree from Imperial College London. He is an associate professor of electrical engineering at Reykjavik University Iceland and chairman of the Center for Analysis and Design of Intelligent Agents (CADIA). He previously had research positions at Imperial College London and Columbia University in New York. He is a member of the board of IEEE Iceland Section and is a member of ISCA. His studies focus on on the nature of the voice source, the nature of the voice production and what effect it has on speech applications such as recognition and synthesis. He is also interested in robotics and the application of machine learning to speech processing. Hobbies include swimming, hiking and reading good books.