Dr. Hrafn Loftsson,
team leader

Name: Hrafn Loftsson
Projects: Natural Language Processing, Named Entity Recognition, Machine Translation of Icelandic and English, Microservices at your service, Using Machine Learning Models for Clinical Diagnoses

Bio: Hrafn Loftsson completed his B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Iceland in 1989 and his M.Sc. in Computer Science and Operations Research from Pennsylvania State University, USA, in 1992. Hrafn joined Reykjavik University in 2000 after having spent about 8 years working for trading firms and investments banks in the USA, England and Iceland. In 2007, Hrafn completed his Ph.D. in Computer Science (NLP) from the University of Sheffield, England.

Hrafn’s current research focuses primarily on the development of a Basic Language Resource Kit (BLARK) for the Icelandic language – including modules to perform morphological analysis, part-of-speech tagging, parsing, machine translation, and computer-assisted language learning.

Dr. Jón Guðnason,
team leader

Name: Jón Guðnason
Projects: Eyra, Spoken Dialog System for Automatic Flight Assistant in Icelandic

Bio: Jon Gudnason received his M.Sc. degree from the University of Iceland and a Ph.D. degree from Imperial College London. He is an associate professor of electrical engineering at Reykjavik University Iceland and chairman of the Center for Analysis and Design of Intelligent Agents (CADIA). He previously had research positions at Imperial College London and Columbia University in New York. He is a member of the board of IEEE Iceland Section and is a member of ISCA. His studies focus on on the nature of the voice source, the nature of the voice production and what effect it has on speech applications such as recognition and synthesis. He is also interested in robotics and the application of machine learning to speech processing. Hobbies include swimming, hiking and reading good books.

Hannes Högni Vilhjálmsson, professor

Name: Hannes Högni Vilhjálmsson
Projects: Spoken Dialogue Framework for Icelandic

Bio: Hannes Högni is a member of LVL and works with, among others, interactive virtual humans and environments.

Dr. Eydís Huld Magnúsdóttir, postdoctoral researcher

Name: Eydís Huld Magnúsdóttir
Project: Voice patterns in air-traffic control
Publications: “Cardiovascular monitoring of cognitive workload: Comparing high and low cognitive capacity individuals,” “Cognitive workload classification using cardiovascular measures and dynamic features,” “Monitoring Cognitive Workload Using Vocal Tract and Voice Source Features,” Vocal tract and voice source features for monitoring cognitive workload

Bio: Eydís received her MSc. in Engineering from Reykjavík University in 2014 and defended her PhD thesis in January of 2019. Her research interests are in detection of automatic reactions from biological signals. Her interests include cognitive workload detection, speech processing, cardiovascular signal processing and the applications of learning methods to feature sets from these. Her interests are yoga, reading and all kinds of brain teasers and games.

Dr. Michal Borský,
postdoctoral researcher

Name: Michal Borský
Project: Objective assessment of voice quality
Publications: “Modal and nonmodal voice quality classification using acoustic and electroglottographic features,” “Classification of voice modes using neck-surface accelerometer data,” “Classification of Voice Modality using Electroglottogram Waveforms,” “Dithering Techniques in Automatic Recognition of Speech Corrupted by MP3 Compression: Analysis, Solutions and Experiments, ” “Spectrally Selective Dithering for Distorted Speech Recognition.”

Bio: Mr. Borský is a post doctoral researcher working on algorithms and models for voice quality assessment for diagnosis and treatment of voice disorders. His scientific interests include DSP, acoustic modeling, distorted speech processing, audio coding and phonetics. His hobbies are reading books, cycling, hiking, power lifting, and eating good food.

Steinþór Steimgrímsson,
PhD student

Name: Steinþór Steingrímsson
Project: Machine Translation
Publications: “Augmenting a BiLSTM tagger with a Morphological Lexicon and a Lexical Category Identification Step”, “Compiling and Filtering ParIce: An English-Icelandic Parallel Corpus” and “Risamálheild: A Very Large Icelandic Text Corpus”

Bio: Steinþór is a PhD student working on machine translation. He is interested in data augmentation for low-resource machine translation and machine translation for morphologically rich languages. Steinþór also works at Árnastofnun, building and maintaining text corpora and other language resources.

Jón Friðrik Daðason, PhD student

Name: Jón Friðrik Daðason
Project: Automatic Text Summarization for Icelandic
Publications: “Nefnir: A high accuracy lemmatizer for Icelandic”, “Utilizing Constituent Structure for Compound Analysis” and “The Journal Fjölnir for Everyone: The post-processing of historical OCR texts”

Bio: Jón is a PhD student working on automatic text summarization. His research interests include text mining, spelling correction, morphological analysis and language technology for historical texts.

Judy Fong, software developer

Name: Judy Fong
Projects: WebRICE, Spjall, ASR for Parliamentary Speeches, Speaker Diarization

Bio: Judy likes programming and reading fiction.

Helga Svala Sigurðardóttir, researcher

Name: Helga Svala Sigurðardóttir
Project: Language Technology Project – Automatic Speech Recognition

Bio: M.Sc. in machine learning with a focus on language technology. B. Sc. in computational computer science with the same focus. Before that, music studies with another focus.

Atli Thor Sigurgeirsson,

Name: Atli Thor Sigurgeirsson
Projects: Semi-supervised End-to-End Automatic Speech Recognition, End-to-End neural Text to Speech Synthesis, Unit selection TTS
Publication: A Semi-Supervised Approach to Automatic Speech Recognition Training For the Icelandic Language

Bio: M.Sc. in Machine Learning from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. I’m interested in end-to-end models in both the ASR and TTS domain and ways to leverage them under low resource conditions.

Ragnheiður Kr. Þórhallsdóttir,
project manager

Name: Ragnheiður Kr. Þórhallsdóttir
Projects: Language Technology Project – Project management

Bio: BA in Advertising and marketing communication, Project Management APME / IMPA-D and over a decade experience in marketing, account and project management.

Þorsteinn Daði Gunnarsson,

Name: Þorsteinn Daði Gunnarsson
Projects: Language Technology Project – Text to speech
Publication: Speech recognition for telephone conversations in Icelandic using Kaldi

Bio: Þorsteinn completed his B.Sc in Computer Science form the University of Iceland in 2014 and a M.Sc. in Machine Learning from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, in 2019.
He joined the LVL team in 2020.

Þorsteinn likes playing Dungeons & Dragons and other board games when he is not programming or doing research. He also reads and plays video games when he has the time.

Smári Freyr Guðmundsson, computer scientist

Name: Smári Freyr Guðmundsson
Projects: Language Technology Project – Data gathering and processing
Publication: Talbankinn

Bio: Smári is a computer scientist with a B.Sc. degree in that field. His final project was a personal banking service with a speech interface which enabled users to perform simple banking tasks – such as transferring money – using voice commands. In his free time, he likes to go mountain biking, hiking and taking photos.

Carlos Daniel, Hernández Mena, post-doc

Name: Carlos Daniel Hernández Mena
Project: ASR expert
Publication: LibriVox Spanish Corpus in LDC, MASRI-HEADSET: A Maltese Corpus for Speech Recognition. Paper in LREC Datasets and tools for Maltese Language

Bio: Bachelor Degree in Electronics
Master Degree in Computer Engineering
PhD in Signal Processing with Specialty in ASR
Postdoc in the University of Malta (I developed ASR Systems, tools and Datasets for Maltese)

Gunnar Thor Örnólfsson, researcher

Name: Gunnar Thor Örnólfsson
Project: Language Technology Project – Text-to-Speech (TTS)
Publications: Manual Speech Synthesis Data Acquisition – From Script, Design to Recording Speech, Facilitating Corpus Usage: Making Icelandic Corpora More Accessible for Researchers and Language Users, IGC-Parl: Icelandic Corpus of Parliamentary Proceedings

Bio: M.Sc. in Speech and Language Processing from the University of Edinburgh in 2019. B.Sc. in Software Engineering from the University of Iceland in 2017.
In his free time, Gunnar Thor is an avid choral singer and also sings in a barbershop quartet.

Staffan's pic

Name: Staffan J. S. Hedström
Project: Samrómur – data collection platform

Bio: Staffan has a M.Sc. in Engineering Physics (2016) where his interest for programming came to life and he has been programming ever since.

When Staffan has some free time he likes spending it on board games, computer games, Dungeons and Dragons and reading epic fantasy series.

Jökull Snær, researcher

Name: Jökull Snær Gylfason

Project: Microservices, NLTP


Bio: Graduated with a BSc degree in Computer Science and Discrete Mathematics from Reykjavík University. Math and programming enthusiast.

Name: Bjarni Barkarson

Bjarni Barkarson, researcher

Projects: National Language Technology Platform (NLTP), Microservices at your service: bridging the gap between NLP research and industry


Publications: Greining aðalsetningamarka

Bio: MA in General Linguistics from the University of Iceland. MA in Language Technology from the University of Iceland.

Former Members

Hilmar Ásgeirsson
Róbert Kjaran Ragnarsson
Anna Björk Nikulásdóttir
Alexander Danielsson Moses
Kristján Rúnarsson
Yu-Ren Chien
Matthías Pétursson
Simon Klüpfel
Laurens van der Werff
Mahmoud Hassan


Safa Jemai (Bachelors in Software Engineering)
Svanhvít Lilja Ingólfsdóttir (Masters in Language Technology)
Ásmundur Guðjónsson (Masters in Language Technology)
Egill Anton Hlöðversson (Masters in Language Technology)
David Erik Mollberg (Masters in Language Technology)
Tinna Þuríður Sigurðardóttir (Masters in Language Technology)
Guolin Fang (Masters in Language Technology)
Gunnar Pálsson (Masters in Language Technology)
Stefán Jónsson (Masters in Computer Science – Data Science in Engineering)

Former Students

Sunneva Þorsteinsdóttir
Ólafur Helgi Jónsson
Áskell Friðriksson
Flóki Larsen
Anna Dóra Aldísardóttir
Gunnar Hinrik Hafsteinsson
Ísak Snær Sigmarsson
Aríel Jóhann Árnason
Þröstur Sæmundsson
Arnar Freyr Kristinsson
Jakob Helgi Jónsson
Guillaume Heller
Anna Vigdís Rúnarsdóttir
Hendrik Tómasson
Símon Elvar Vilhjálmsson
Guðjón Hugberg Björnsson
Manuella Meier
Marion Cocude
Július Pétur Guðjohnsen

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